Sunday, July 25, 2010

Niagara Falls

This past week a couple of my friends and I took off to Niagara Falls to get away from eveything. It was amazing. Not only did it feel like a break from work and reality but it was also a lot of fun! We goofed off a bit, especially in the Wax Museum with all the stars and movie characters, had several laughs and was even shocked when snow came out of the fans above us in the Ripley's Moving Theater.

We all decided to get up early and leaving at the nice time of 6:30 AM we were on our way. Making good time we arrived in Niagara Falls at 9:00 AM but after a while realized that I locked both the spare keys and my own keys in my bag in the trunk. Now you have to know me, I do this quite a bit and I am actually surprised I haven't got CAA yet. However this was the trifecta, this time I brought a spare pair but ended up putting it in the same bag as the main pair which was in the trunk. Thankfully my friend Kim had CAA, so we called them and in a record of 15minutes they were there opening my car. We had some great laughs over that. Even some people from work saw the photos online and started asking questions. Thankfully now however my friends know not to tell anyone........ lets hope.

Two days ago I started a 365 Day photo/ journal with my friend Jess, so far it hasn't been that bad. I am trying to not write it in a way that sounds like a diary: Dear diary, I woke up late this morning and wasn't sure what to do? As a kid those are the type of entries that I would write, but seriously? Its not going to answer you back. So this time I am just trying to stick with the facts. Such as yesterday one of my friends at work saw a kid come through the line-up, noticing her she says "aww look at that kid in the rabbit costume" Interested I look over to find a kid in a FROG costume. After correcting her and laughing so hard I started crying we came to the conclusion that as a teacher she has to stay away from any type of Science classes. If your kid comes home saying rabbits say ribbit, then you know who to come to.

Saturday, July 10, 2010

This and That

Its been a while since I have really done anything. Which is nice sometimes just being able to relax, but I also neglect the things I enjoy like writing and video editing. So far this summer has been fun, but I'm also finding it to be very busy between hanging out with friends, getting through my stack of novels, comics and movies that everyone is trying to get me into. So this morning sitting here with my coffee I am going to do a little writing before I head to work.

Last week I finally got around to finishing the Lost series, and any of you who watched the show would know how confusing and slightly frustrating the ending is. Its not something you would expect because in my opinion it wasn't even a good option. However now that the show is over I continue to buy the magazines and trying and figure out what was going through Damon Lindelof and J. J Abrams head when they wrote it.
My friends also got me started on the show Supernatural, and now a month later I have completely finished all 5 seasons and am awaiting the sixth. That show is amazing, with ghost hunters Dean and Sam Winchester, two brothers thrown into a world everyone thought was made up. However later in the season the show brings a different twist when destiny comes knocking and Angels and Demons are introduced wanting the two brothers to be vessels for the two deadliest angels Lucifer and Micheal so the battle can begin and whoever wins gets full rein of earth. Very intriguing.

Last week the Twilight Saga Eclipse came out into theaters and my friends went and bought me tickets a month in advance for the first day. It wasn't that bad. Being a young girl who has read all the books, I have to say that the other movies were quite a disappointment. I mean we all know Kristen Stewart leaves her mouth open way to much, she needs an elastic to snap it back, as well as Robert Pattinson who may have a little talent but all in all he's got nothing. Not even looks. In the first movie his pain looked a little too whiny then scary which I felt it should have been portrayed as, while in the second one he took his shirt off and every girl screamed at the anorexic boy. I mean seriously? David Slade knocked this movie out of the park. It was directed so well that it was pretty close to being a horror movie with just a little more blood, and more screaming. It would have been amazing.

For now I am going to leave you with my all time favourite song this month. Terrified by Katherine McPhee Ft Zachary Levi