Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Random Workings

Hiddy Ho there neighbour! Its been a while, but hey what can I say I just don't find anything inspiring anymore. I guess that's what happens when life gets in the way. These past couple months have been stranger than usual. I'm finding I don't have my same bounce as I once did, which in a way is startling me. What does that mean? Am I maturing?!! Never. Mature people don't become boring, they just stop talking about things that once they thought funny, but really is juvenile. It almost feels like I just pass through the days instead of living them. I mean I am hanging out with friends, but for some reason that just doesn't do it. I keep thinking back to this past winter, when everything was peachy! I loved life, I was happy at work and with everyone at work. There was no problems in the world. It was truly great! Why did it stop?

Today things seemed brighter......I thought, but a friend just came back to work and noticed I wasn't myself. Hmmmm I thought I was doing better. If he noticed that, what has everyone else been noticing? We were just talking and he got me thinking. What is it that has changed? Is it the fact that I have to go to school soon? That my future is not in focus? Or that I will be losing my best friends to school again? It almost feels like at this moment in time that when I do go away to school that everything and everyone that I met this past year will just disappear and seem like a figment of imagination. Who knows right?

On a happier note, I loved my stay in Newfoundland and every morning when I get up I keep wishing that when I step outside I would be smelling salt water instead of freshly cut grass. However if I get what I want in life I should be moving down there in a few short years. Give me time to get my career started and on its way.

This weekend I will be going to the Fan Expo here in Toronto. I'm excited! It should be a blast! I will make sure to keep you posted. Also there is a photo contest at work that I am going to enter into. Send your good luck vibes!!

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Friday the 13th on the 14th

I do believe there is a trend with me getting the 'Friday the 13Th' on the 14Th. Today hit me pretty harder than usual. I got up as and just stuck around my room until I had to leave for work. I was just pulling off my street a little ways and was watching my gas light praying I had enough to get to work and back when I glanced up and saw a cop car parked in someones drive way. Looking at my speed I realized I wasn't paying attention and I was pulled over for going 28km over the speed limit. This being my first time with an offence I freaked out, started hyperventilating. Unfortunately my parents weren't home yet from their vacation so I had no one to talk to. Thankfully the cop dropped the charges from $158 and 3 points to $52 and 0 points. However because I just got back from holidays myself I haven't had time to update my insurance form which was 3 days over due, so I got charged for an extra $65.
Getting to work 2 minutes late, I felt pretty shitty, and was quite antsy about calling my parents and telling them when I got home. Thankfully however work was good, I had great customers and as always my co-workers were amazing.

Once I got home however I called my older brother and asked him if I should call my parents and tell them today or wait till they get home tomorrow. He suggested that I at least call my Dad and tell him. Thankfully my parents called him first and my brother told my Dad that I got a ticket and that he should call me. A couple minutes later, my parents surprise me by not freaking out and were actually telling me it wasn't a big deal and that it was just a life lesson. Who knew?

As insignificant as it is to the ticket I also burned my lip tonight drinking tea. Man like can suck. I swear I didn't walk past a black cat or under a ladder. All in all after a few tears I know feel more calm.....and slightly lonely now that I am home by myself. It just makes me think more and more about my Dog that passed away a year mid September. Gone but never forgotten.

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Summer Holidays

Today is day 7 of my holidays and it is amazing! Believe it or not I am actually really enjoying Newfoundland this summer. Its been at least 3 years since I have enjoyed it this much to actually start seeing myself living here. Work started to get on my nerves and I find the more I work there the more it effects me. Thankfully however I am going to school in the middle of October and work will no longer be a 5 day a week task. However the idea of change and school scares me, but in the end it will be worth it.

While my parents drove down to Newfoundland, one of my best friends drove me to the airport to fly out 2 days later. On the following day after a red eye flight my parents were suppose to pick me up, but it was not the welcoming I was expecting. On the boat from Nova Scotia to Newfoundland my parents were delayed by 3 hours longer than expected which left me waiting in the airport for 3 hours. That did not impress me.

This past week I have been staying at my brothers and his newly wed wife's place which is probably why I am enjoying my stay more. As much fun as it is to see my mothers family, there is nothing to do in the small little town. At least here I can get Internet and watch TV when I'm bored.

This past weekend my Fathers family had a reunion and it was a blast! It was fun hanging out with my cousins whom some I haven't seen in years and others I just enjoy hanging out with all the time. We had some great laughs and photos. The biggest part was the fact that last time we had a family gathering like this one was my grandmothers 90Th birthday party. A week later she passed away. The hardest part of family reunions is saying goodbye and unfortunately I had to do that earlier today, not knowing when it is that I will be seeing any of them next.

Better get back to big brothers.