Saturday, August 14, 2010

Friday the 13th on the 14th

I do believe there is a trend with me getting the 'Friday the 13Th' on the 14Th. Today hit me pretty harder than usual. I got up as and just stuck around my room until I had to leave for work. I was just pulling off my street a little ways and was watching my gas light praying I had enough to get to work and back when I glanced up and saw a cop car parked in someones drive way. Looking at my speed I realized I wasn't paying attention and I was pulled over for going 28km over the speed limit. This being my first time with an offence I freaked out, started hyperventilating. Unfortunately my parents weren't home yet from their vacation so I had no one to talk to. Thankfully the cop dropped the charges from $158 and 3 points to $52 and 0 points. However because I just got back from holidays myself I haven't had time to update my insurance form which was 3 days over due, so I got charged for an extra $65.
Getting to work 2 minutes late, I felt pretty shitty, and was quite antsy about calling my parents and telling them when I got home. Thankfully however work was good, I had great customers and as always my co-workers were amazing.

Once I got home however I called my older brother and asked him if I should call my parents and tell them today or wait till they get home tomorrow. He suggested that I at least call my Dad and tell him. Thankfully my parents called him first and my brother told my Dad that I got a ticket and that he should call me. A couple minutes later, my parents surprise me by not freaking out and were actually telling me it wasn't a big deal and that it was just a life lesson. Who knew?

As insignificant as it is to the ticket I also burned my lip tonight drinking tea. Man like can suck. I swear I didn't walk past a black cat or under a ladder. All in all after a few tears I know feel more calm.....and slightly lonely now that I am home by myself. It just makes me think more and more about my Dog that passed away a year mid September. Gone but never forgotten.


  1. Oh dear not a good day for you, I am so sorry,
    I very often get days when everything goes wrong and am glad when I can go to bed and start a clean slate next day.


  2. Sorry you had such a shit day -- need a hug?

  3. Tickets happen - glad your parents didn't come unglued.

  4. I agree with Alex, tickets happen. I've had more than I can count on both hands. I'm glad your parents didn't flip.

    I'm sad with you about your sweet baby -- but you still have your memories and those can NEVER be taken away.