Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Random Workings

Hiddy Ho there neighbour! Its been a while, but hey what can I say I just don't find anything inspiring anymore. I guess that's what happens when life gets in the way. These past couple months have been stranger than usual. I'm finding I don't have my same bounce as I once did, which in a way is startling me. What does that mean? Am I maturing?!! Never. Mature people don't become boring, they just stop talking about things that once they thought funny, but really is juvenile. It almost feels like I just pass through the days instead of living them. I mean I am hanging out with friends, but for some reason that just doesn't do it. I keep thinking back to this past winter, when everything was peachy! I loved life, I was happy at work and with everyone at work. There was no problems in the world. It was truly great! Why did it stop?

Today things seemed brighter......I thought, but a friend just came back to work and noticed I wasn't myself. Hmmmm I thought I was doing better. If he noticed that, what has everyone else been noticing? We were just talking and he got me thinking. What is it that has changed? Is it the fact that I have to go to school soon? That my future is not in focus? Or that I will be losing my best friends to school again? It almost feels like at this moment in time that when I do go away to school that everything and everyone that I met this past year will just disappear and seem like a figment of imagination. Who knows right?

On a happier note, I loved my stay in Newfoundland and every morning when I get up I keep wishing that when I step outside I would be smelling salt water instead of freshly cut grass. However if I get what I want in life I should be moving down there in a few short years. Give me time to get my career started and on its way.

This weekend I will be going to the Fan Expo here in Toronto. I'm excited! It should be a blast! I will make sure to keep you posted. Also there is a photo contest at work that I am going to enter into. Send your good luck vibes!!


  1. It's a true fact as we mature we do lose our bounce but other things enrichens our lives.
    Loved the photo;s looks lovely and peaceful.


  2. Dear friend,
    Don't lose your bounce! It is important to keep it or refind it. The last two months have been difficult for me as well, but i am slowly finding my way back. Best regards to you, friend. Ruby

  3. You don't have to lose your bounce and you don't have to quit laughing at juvenile jokes, etc. My boys are always getting onto me for acting goofy/dumb, but I just laugh them off and keep on doing what I'm doing. :O)
    I think you are just going through a plateau and that you'll be on an upswing before you know it. Just be the WONDERFUL YOU that you are!!

  4. do you see the man in the life jacket in the water in your photo?

    PS: I MISS YOU SO MUCH! You're not losing your best friends for life or anything, just temporarily, besides, CHUCK SOON!
    We still have to find how to play it on my laptop..
    that's right, its a heart, hey, better than a hug! :P