Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Castle Season 4 Premiere

If you have not seen the new episode, then refrain yourself from reading this post. It is full of spoilers.

At the end of last season Beckett and the team got a shock when they found the third cop involved in her mothers death was their one and only Captain Roy Montgomery. Trying to protect her, Captain Montgomery gave his own life thinking that he would end it all. Unfortunately he gave the people behind the conspiracy to much credit as at the Captains funeral Kate Beckett was shot down by a sniper while giving her respects. Castle tackling her to the ground in a challenge to protect her, realizes he was too late and in a last desperate hope to tell her everything he whispers the four little words every viewer has been waiting for for the last 3 seasons "I love you Kate."

Now the waiting was over for all the fans Monday night as the opening scene shows trolley wheels sliding around on a floor full of blood as they rush Kate into the hospital emergency room with her best friend and medical examiner Lanie on top of here doing CPR, and Castle not far behind. Rushing her into the ER Kate's doctor boyfriend Josh who is on duty at the time recognizes her.
Leaving the ER room an angry Josh walks towards Kate's friends and father yelling about how a cop gets shot at another cops funeral. When Castle tries to step in and let him know he tried to help her Josh shoves Castle into the hospital wall and proceeds to blame him not only for Kate getting shot but also for the Captains death. Now this confrontation has been building up as everyone, including co-workers know that Castle and Beckett have a very strong relationship, so we can assume that Josh has realized this as well and feels threatened. However Castle starts to agree with Josh, if only he never tried to convince Kate to reopen her mothers case everyone would still be alive.
When Castle proceeds to talk to Beckett in the recovery room the next day, he assumes she heard everything he told her, including his confession, but is shocked not only to hear that she "blacked out" but also that she wants her space. Knowing Kate, viewers most likely saw right through this and assumed right off that bat that she was lying from Castle and was trying to run away from her feelings.

Flash forward to a couple months later and Beckett returns to the precinct to a new captain, "Iron" Gates, no Castle and her shooting case being dropped. Determined more than ever she returns to the case that is not permitted by her Captain, and reconciles with Castle, promising him one day, once everything is behind them, they can finally be together. While at the same time Castle gets a call from an old friend of Captain Montgomery's who has all the files from Roy's collection about the case of Kate's mothers murder and convinces Castle to keep Kate away from the investigation in order to keep her safe.

In the end Kate promises to take a step back but at the same time confides in a psychiatrist about hearing Castle's love confession, and who she is without her mothers case.

I doubt anyone who actually reads my blog watches Castle but if you do, please feel free to comment. If not please give me tips on how to write my reviews better.

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Reality Bites

Ever have one of those dreams where everything was so perfect you can't ever imagine waking up......but then you open your eyes and realize reality comes around for another slap in the face? Yeah? I've had two days this week of that reality beat down. I think my mind is toying with my hopes and dreams.

As I have mentioned before in one of my post, I love the show Fringe with all the character interactions and Sci Fi dilemmas. Well this dream started off with me going to the Comic Con in New York city and meeting the cast of Fringe. Great dream right? Well it gets better! After meeting the crew and chatting it up with them, they ask me if I would be interested in working along side of the off screen crew to gain hands on experience instead of going to school. Now that means working alongside of my favorite producer/director J.J Abrams. Of course in my dream I jump at the chance.....then I wake up! Bummer right? Now I have to get up and head to my retail job making a little more than minimum wage, YIPPIE!

A couple weeks ago I went to the Toronto Fan Expo, which I guess most of you wouldn't get but its a small wimpy version of Comic Con in San Diego where you get to meet different actors. Well I had the opportunity to meet one of my favourite actresses Eliza Duskhu from shows like Tru Calling and Buffy the Vampire Slayer. She was incredibly nice and chatted as much as she could with me about her shows, which was all of a minute. Well last night I had another one of those dreams toying with my mind. Again at the New York Comic Con I had the opportunity to talk to Eliza again, and this time we talked for hours and she was giving me advice for the film business and at the same time we became friends. The side story of my friends ditching me and leaving me to fend for my own ride home in New York city is just an undertone. The dream was amazing! And yet again I wake up this morning with reality pushing my dreams aside.

So lets just say I think my mind is teasing me with my dream job of working in the entertainment business and leading it with people that I enjoy immensely. I was determined that I was going to get accepted in the Film Production Program at Sait Polytechnic College in Calgary Alberta, but then when I heard the news that I wasn't accepted my hopes and dreams for the year were dashed and yet again going into my third year I am working at the retail store. I don't know what to think. I ask God to lead me the way he has planned for me, and even though I have been accepted to Vancouver, New York and Toronto Film School I just don't have the money. Yet I didn't get accepted to Sait and the only University I applied to I was accepted but the English course I needed was already full. Which direction is he pulling me in?

On the bright side I got a raise at work today. I am not a Part Time Cashier!