Monday, January 24, 2011

One Week

After much hassle and tassel I finally got a week off from work. Mind you it is unpaid but hey it allows me to get my creative juices going. Lately I have had very little time to just sit and either work on Photoshop or edit. This week I'm going to clean the house, spend some much needed time with friends, read, edit, apply to school and work on my new Calendar entrepreneur business.

As I have mentioned before I love Photoshop, and was originally going to school for graphic design, but I didn't agree with the school, so in the end I didn't end up attending. However that doesn't mean I still don't dab in it a bit. In high school I created a 'Chuck' calendar and was astonished at how many people wanted one. The problem is the shows creative department won't attend to the needs and wants of the fans. So as a fan myself I have decided to create calendars, t-shirts and sweater ideas. Of course however apparently I have to get my ideas copyrighted. My only question is the fact that the show is copyrighted, so if I copyright my idea based on the show can I get slammed with a law suit? Either way this week I'm contacting companies such as FOX, NBC and ABC to ask them about legal issues as well as
copyright companies to figure out the cost. Some of the shows are Chuck, Fringe and Castle. So far in my blog I have mentioned both Chuck and Fringe, however just two weeks ago I finally cracked of boredom and decided to check out this show Castle my friends were talking about, and believe it or not its FANTASTIC!

"He’s famous. He’s gorgeous. He’s smart as hell. He is mystery novelist Richard Castle (Nathan Fillion), and he’s hot on the trail of real world criminals. ‘Why,’ you ask? Because he’s got nothing better to do.

Bored with his own success, Castle shadows the every move of NYPD detective Kate Beckett (Stana Katic). She’s an aggressive detective who keeps her investigations under tight rein, and her feathers are oh-so-ruffled by Castle’s presence (in spite of the fact that she’s secretly a huge fan.) Amid incessant sexual tension and constant close talking, this flirtatiously-charged duo builds on their mixed-up relationship as they look to solve strange homicides in New York. Kids, this is as much fun as one can possibly have with death and murder!" The show is filled with the right dose of creative humor, sexual tension, and action to keep any crowd happy.

Here is my Castle Calendar so far:

With this week off there are endless possibilities.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Long Time

Its been a LONG time since I have written on here. But I don't want to bore you with unimportant nonsense of my life. So I write when things that are AMAZING and important to me happen.

Today was the People's Choice Awards and after voting for the past couple months I was actually quite happy with the winners this year. From the amazing show Dexter winning favourite TV show obsession which it truly is with Michael C Hall and Julia Styles making this past season the most emotional and suspenseful season so far. Toy Story 3 winning favourite family movie, bringing back all those amazing childhood memories with Tom Hanks and Tim Allen. Also House MD which had a terrific time this year as always winning favourite TV Doctor, TV Drama, TV Drama Actor and TV Drama actress.

Although there was several awards that I did not agree with such as Grown Ups winning over Easy A. Poor choice. I mean who doesn't love watching Emma Stone sing Pocketful of Sunshine all weekend.

Lie to Me winning over Bones. The most astonishing however, although it really shouldn't be is that Twilight Saga: Eclipse won so many awards! Yes it was a good movie, the best out of the three, but Inception was way better with its editing, graphics and actors not to mention the storyline! Although I adore Kristen Stewart for he horror movies and shy personality but she IS awkward. Don't let her speak again on stage it makes ME feel embarrassed for her.

Now saving the best for last. As I wrote in my last blog post Fringe is my new Star Wars, LOST, Chuck, Superman, Mario, all my addictions x10, and if you know me you know this is HUGE. My main purpose for voting was to give Fringe a chance, which I had my doubts would win, but it seems the fans succeeded once again for FRINGE to win the 2011 PEOPLE'S CHOICE AWARDS FAVOURITE SCIFI/FANTASY SHOW! Over everything that has happened in my life these past couple months this is my biggest and most exciting news. Now mind you I didn't see them win the award unfortunately I was pushing carts in -10 degree Celsius weather, but I was sooo stoked to hear about the news, and so extremely proud of the actors who seem so down to earth and caring about the fan base. Not to mention Joshua Jackson is Canadian. Have to support my Canadians, sorry American readers.

On a side note as I normally do I will put a little whisper in your ear about a new show, much like J.J Abrams Alias series, but with more humor I have currently found and watched this past summers new action/comedy series. From the producer of the Bourne Trilogy come Covert Affairs on the USA channel. Its full of comedy, action, romance, and instantly won the hearts of its viewers with great reviews and Golden Globe Nominations. Its the perfect new action series.

Well that's all I have for you. But I promise I'll visit more often to update you on the production of my short film 'My Retributions'