Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Decisions Decisions

Alright, so this past week I have found out that I have been accepted into two very good film schools in Canada. Which SUCKS! Now I know your thinking 'shouldn't you be proud of yourself for getting into two prestigious school?' Well I would be, but now I have this huge decision to make. And pretty much what it comes down to is having a life vs. well no life.

Vancouver Film School is a very good film school that people from all across the world come to in order to get the film experience and degree that will help them make it big in the film industry.

Toronto Film School, was opened once before but closed for a couple years for renovations. Now I have heard that both schools are extremely hard to get into, but what does that truly mean about the school? If I go to Toronto then I have a life, with friends and family. I get to keep my car and job, and live a somewhat normal life.

However if I go to Vancouver there is a very good chance I will want to get shot, stabbed, hit by a car, thrown out of a plane into the Atlantic ocean, get my body eaten by a whale and then travel all over the country while the whale is digesting me. Okay so I can hear what your thinking, a little too over dramatic correct? WRONG!!! Seriously there is whales in Vancouver as well, and as cool as travelling the world for free would be, unfortunately I can't get off this ship to explore.

But back to decisions. I pretty much had my decision made. I was going to go to Vancouver, after all it SEEMs to be the better school, with it being in the Hollywood of Canada. However after one of my friends told me, 'you know we would prefer for you to stay, and after your first job, no one is really going to care about what school you go to.' I thought. Okay that sounds good. For the first time in my life I actually feel loved. I mean of course my parents loved me through their 'Tough Love' and I am sure my brothers loved me as well in between nuggies and locking me in rooms. But now I feel like a good elbow to the head type of emotion is good as well. After all I did grow up knowing that Pain = Love!

OK I went completely off topic again, and I know that's my kryptonite. Back to business, now because of what people are saying around me I feel completely confused. Some want me to go and others want me to stay, and yes its ultimately my decision but a little help and compromise would be nice to.

Anyways theres my lame attempt at the focus....or lack there of, of my mind.


  1. No, no, no. I do NOT get to be the one that made you all confused! ): If ya go, I'll chat with you on msn and we'll play email tag. If ya stay, I'll do the same! That's my compromise! <3

  2. lol, you were pretty much telling me what I was wanted to hear. You just explained it better and gave me some knowledge I never considered. haha but it if helps I was way confused before hand.

  3. This is probably the hardest decision you've had to make so far. I think you are going to need more time than a week to decide.

    p.s. Why in Vancouver are you being thrown out of a plane into the Atlantic Ocean?


  4. Oh believe me I think it is going to be my hardest decisions. And I am going to have to need longer than a week cause my mom leaves tomorrow until Tuesday, so it looks like I have time to talk it through, ask questions study the programs.

    haha I laugh at how u ask why I would be thrown out of a plane and not about being stabbed, shot and hit by a car. Or even about being eaten by a whale. But to answer your questions because I would be so depressed being away from friends and family that I would commit suicide. Joking of course!!! Don't call the police. I am 100% normal.

  5. Oh no I meant why are you being thrown into the Atlantic, wouldn't it be easier to be thrown into the Pacific Ocean since its right there? Why waste the gas? :P

    - Kelsey

  6. TAKE THE WHALE! hello free ride around the ocean floor, minus the cost of scuba gear, BAM decision made.

    Also, your parents have to love you, it's in the Parental Unconditional Love Handbook, Chapter 6 sub section 3.5 paragraph 2 "Thou shall love their birthed unconditionally"
    Sorry, it's in the book champ.
    ALSO, we'll go shopping for bear mace at the Flea Market if you choose Toronto because we all know Torontoians have built up immunity for normal pepper spray

  7. lol its funny how you don't even have to write you name and I already know its you Jess. The way your right is the same way you talk in person. Its pretty terrific actually. haha Oh yeah the Parental Handbook. Your mom has a copy doesn't she? Deal! Bare Mace it is