Sunday, October 10, 2010

Legen wait for it.... DARY!

Lost, Star Trek, Alias, Cloverfield, Mission Impossible 3. Who is the director, creator and writer of these terrific accomplishments? Well obviously someone with great talent, which narrows my list down to about 3 people. If you guessed J.J. Abrams then your CORRECT! This 44 year old mastermind just so happens to have created some of the best media creations in our time. With his twist and destiny for everything he does he has now come upon his 3rd season of in my opinion one of his best creations yet. Hint: Its teleportation, reanimation, mutation, astral projection, etc.

The answer is (drum roll please) FRINGE! This Sci-fi extravaganza has taken people off their feet and dropped their jaws into a parallel universe of something called Fringe science. Where nothing is ordinary but extraordinary. 'The story revolves around three of the most unlikely allies- a young, beautiful and determined FBI agent, a brilliant scientist who has spent the last 17 years in a mental institution and his sardonic and roughish son - as they investigate a series of bizarre deaths and disasters known as 'the Pattern.' The three begin to suspect that someone is using the world as a laboratory. And many clues lead them to Massive Dynamic, a shadowy global corporation that may be more powerful than any nation.'

As your reading your probably thinking that this is not your type of show. Now I come from a christian family but my parents still like a little action and mystery too their lives. This is a cop show twisted with science and everything you have never seen before. Relax one night, watch it online or even on Saturday nights at 11c on Fox. This show will blow your mind, just as it has for millions of viewers.


  1. I'll give this a look :) Abram's TV track record shows that the earlier episodes are uber fantastic :) I like the increasing trend to put in sci fi elements into otherwise normal TV shows, it means I'm gonna watch more TV than I should, hehe.

  2. lol. So far Fringe is on its 3rd season and still has a strong storyline. Its definatly worth checking out. Its one of my favourite shows on tv now

  3. I love...LOVE, this show. Pacey Whitter FTW! They need to bring back the isolation tank though. Great post!
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