Thursday, April 14, 2011

Bucket List

Despite the song 100 Years by Five For Fighting I highly doubt and hope that I don't live to be a 100. That's why with my years counting up instead of down, with turning 20 next week, and quiting my teen years. Plus a little bit of a push from my old high school teacher I came up with my very own bucket list and I gotta tell ya its a lot better than Jack Nicholson's. Well here's my list for living.

1. Sky Dive
2. Bungee Jump
3. Backpack through Europe
4. Direct at least one award winning film
5. Write a mystery novel (try at least)
6. Make a movie poster for a famous movie
7. Marry a funny, nerdy, great guy
8. Have 4 kids
9. Meet Michael J Fox
10. Go to Comic Con
11. Rent a loft with my Best Friend
12. Get a mini cooper
13. Drive a Porsche
14. Climb mount Kilimanjaro with my brothers
15. Live in a mountain secluded, surrounded by trees
16. Learn to ride a motorcycle
17. Open a historical movie theater
18. Work with my favourite actors/actresses
19. Buy the best computer
20. Get one of my calendars bought
21. Visit Alaska
22. Get a flag for each province I visit
23. Get an old style coke machine
24. Take Martial Arts
25. Learn to break dance
26. Got to a drive in theater
27. Run a mile
28. Make an impact on someone's life
29. Learn to surf
30. Continue my walk with God
31.Read all Jane Austen's books
32. Learn to play guitar
33. Have a high school reunion
34. Wear converse with a dress
35. Get my whole cast and crew to wear converse for one movie
36. Air surf
37. Drive a car at top speed
38. Take photography
39. Learn to scuba dive
40.Learn to stunt drive
41. Play a video game with Zachary Levi
42. Learn to speak fluent French
43. Learn to skateboard
44. Stay close with my family
45. Keep close with my nephews
46. Choreograph a dance and display it in public
47. Follow my dreams
48. Buy my parents something expensive
49. Finish college with very little debt
50. Get my full license


  1. Wow, way to mix the easy with the difficult! You may want to print this out and pin it on your wall. Fortunately, you could mix 34 with 33 or 7. I dare ya to do 34 & 7 at the same time! Double-dog dare ya!

  2. LOL Will I actually thought about it, but I know my mom would murder me.