Tuesday, October 27, 2009


I can understand different styles of driving, but seriously. Yesturday I was driving along young street to return some movie rentals....of course they were late, its just the way this Belbin family works....anyways, so I was driving behind this guy who was going like 70km in an 80km zone and everytime I get stuck behind one of those idiots I consider what they are saying to themselves, "I am such a bad ass. I going over the speed limit!" When in reality they are going under, making everyone behind them pissed off. Of course this being the way my mind works, I don't get upset I just laugh hysterically picturing a forty or fifty year old with one hand on the steering wheel bobbing their head to Elvis Presley. How could you be angry at that? All this would make sense if they were driving 60km, considering in driving school they tell you "If in doubt go 60km" so either way in this persons head they were being all bad ass.

Just the workings of my mind

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  1. My favorite is when they're going into the left-turn lane gradually, so they're slowing down, but still half-in the straight-ahead lane -- ph'krs!