Saturday, November 14, 2009

3 Day Makeover

I like to view myself as a very organized kind of a girl. Though most times my room looks messy, it is actually still quite organized to my liking. However my mother seems to be a bit differently wired. She has a very imaginative mind for interior decorating and always tries to put that plan in motion.... but of course she can't do it by herself, a five foot women using a saw?? Especially a women like my mother, she or you would lose your limbs, I mean she ends up painting the celling when trying to paint the wall. Don't get me wrong I love her dearly, but she is just crazy!

She had most of this week off, and of course because she had it off my dad had to have it off. However what my dad and I thought was just a big pain in the ass of moving a giant desk down two stairs turned into something caotic in just 30 secs. Walking towards my room I hear a rippping sound, look into the room and there she is ripping off wallpaper...just 3 days before my Aunt and Uncle are suppose to be showing up to sleep in THAT room. Personaly I didn't think she was going to get it done. But low and behold with hours of paint and drape shopping, and A LOT of missed sleep the room is complete today. Which just proves to myself that considering all I needed for the past 6 years was my wall painted, it is easy to get it done in just day, considering they got a whole room done in three, but then again like I said my mom was wired differently and 'believes' that your room can't be completed until you move out and she makes your room in something she saw on the home and garden channel. A little sour you might say? Well ya, 6 years. Last time she painted my room it was a colour I didn't like, so now my room is a grand 3 different colours. but hey, at least she let me get ride of my Barbies, finally.

But I guess I can't complain I really didn't do anything to the bedroom renovation, it went against what I 'believe' the same reason why my dad refuses to pay $.5 for a plastic bag at the grocery store, you would never be forgiven if you came home with one of those distasteful things. Thanks to my awsome older brother, I sat in my room playing the original nintendo games like Super Mario 3 and Super Mario Brothes running back and jumping on the flag. Its amazing at how weird it feels, how much I understand the game and how the system works now that I am not 6.

Back to the point, my aunt and uncle showed up today, I was kind of hoping that I would be at work by then so as not to have to make small talk. Can you say Awkward' However they showed up at the door at 8:30 this morning. Now in my books thats really early to show up at someones house, I mean I can understand 10am. I guess I can let it go this time, considering I couldn't sleep anyways dreaming some wacked out dream of some people at work, and my closest school friends. They are very different and that was apparent in my dream, but seriously. I would trade in a good nights sleep than constantly dreaming about work.... let me re-phrase that, people at work. I don't dream of packing and constantly being under pressure on the till that would be a nightmare...


  1. Yeah, work dreams suck, but I usually get OH-SHIT-I-SLEPT-IN dreams.
    Yeah, home renovations suck, especially on a time limit. Actually, a relaxed schedule has let me enjoy most of my reno's.
    Yeah, small-talk with barely-known relatives sucks. You're just having an awful day, aren't you?! I'd bet dollars-to-donuts that you're still smiling though!

  2. My verification word for that post was "hermos." Is that where you can keep estrogen and it stays hot?

  3. haha I have no idea what hermos means, I have never seen that word before. But its kinda interesting.

    In my dreams for some reason I never get sleep cause I am constantly tossing a turning. Not some much I just had nothing really to talk about but I thought it was quite a funny experience, but your right, I was smiling and I laughed so much today... got to be healthy.

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