Sunday, November 15, 2009

Things To Do When Your Day is Turning Out To Be......Crap?

Yesterday was probably one of the better days I have had at work, of course getting elbowed in the head by one of my co-workers definatly makes the day better. Not to say that I am by any means masochist, but it makes a great story! Such as "Oh ya, I ran into a brick wall once" see not only now does that make you question if my sanity was lost in that moment, but it also makes a great conversation piece. Such as yesturday getting hit opened up a whole new environment for me, not only were my 3 other co-workers and myself laughing hysterically for 3 hours about it, but some others also got quite a lot of enjoyment from hearing about it. You never know how someone truely feels about you until they laugh hysterically and then try to cause you more pain, but hey as long as they get a laugh out of it why not?

However today was different, I don't know if it was because I actually got sleep last night due to Patti's hit or because of my 3 sleepless nights, but I was knocked unconsious. So this morning everything seemed to go wrong, I woke up late, my mother shut off the washing machine and restarted it this morning leaving me to go to work with wet jeans, and then of course to top it all the debit machine didn't work at my till! It was fantastic, but of course what can you do? Thats the big question. I have come up with 10 simple rules for having a better day, all of which I have experienced just in the few 6 hour shift.

1. Smash a machine. Not only will it get your frustration out but it just might help fix the machine. (Just watch out for supervisors)

2. Smile, of course this is important while hitting the machines but it also makes the members day, which of course we know is more important than being happy ourselves.

3. Toss a kid. Of course I never actually did that, but I did grab a sleeping kids shoulders today, thinking that they were a dog I said I wasn't all there. Parents got a good laugh out of it.

4. Hit your packers with the gun. This was actually quite fun......enough said. (SENSOR: of course I don't mean a real gun, cause thats not as funny)

5. Listen to angry music. This always helps lift my spirits knowing that at some point someone was having a worse day then myself in order to have written that song.

6. Swear. Now I don't do that often, but today was one of those days. Just get that extra steam off when something else goes wrong. Trust me it helps.

7. Recieve a compliment. Now this always is good, even on the best of days, but it definatly helps on the ones that suck. Now of course, if no ones gives one up then you......just have no friends. Your day just got worse.

8. Cardio. Now this is very important, if you are out of shape its time to hope back on that tredmill, cause you ain't getting a way from those Supervisor and their talk of cash unless you can move your ass. Of course shrinking a couple inches helps to, but if you can do that..... well I would just be impressed.

9. Making fun of others. Now one of my employees definatly knows what I am talking about. But making fun of someone else doesn't mean we don't..... how should I put this, like them. It just means that we have a different view of them then they do of themselves. But this always makes your day, why? Cause its just down right hilarious!

10. Think "What would Mario do?" Cause of course Mario knows what he is doing, everyone should follow Mario's example, if we did we could have 12 lives and out live all the cats. 1 UP!!

Just follow these 10 simple rules and your day will see its brightness with in no time. Then do what I do, come home and write about it.

Another day with my mind.....kinda scary isn't it?


  1. Hahaha, funny post Sista! I will give you a golden complement: "wow, Bethany, you look really good smiling while you beat that register like a psycho and beat employees with a gun! lol, just teasing. Of course all of us (speaking like a true geek) should think about what mario would be doing! Mind you jumping down toilet drains and stomping on mushrooms isn't my idea of a good time!

  2. haha, true. But what if there was coins down that toilet drain that could give u an extra life? But I will agree with the stomping on Mushrooms, even tho moving mushrooms are quite creepy. haha of course your would make me sound like a psychopath, but then again I can always say that we do share the same genes after all.

  3. Heard That! Some days, it's just laugh-at-ourselves and laugh-at-each-other, or go stark-raving-loonie! So plug in that Children of Bodam and eat a tree!

  4. I didn't tell AC where to find you, but I'm sure she'd have a laugh. She's really quite fond of you!

  5. haha, I wrote her on facebook giving her the post. Hopefully, I was trying to be quite entertaining on this one.

  6. Hahah, well, this has officially won me over.

    I'd like to see this as the unofficial bad-day bible of our place of employment.

  7. haha, I will definatly have to make one and put it in the lunch room.