Thursday, June 3, 2010

Friday the 13th?

Is it Friday the 13Th? Wait....I'm a little late. OK so then why did my day suck so much? OH YEAH!!! That's right, it just follows me around. I always wonder that if I completely ignored everyone and everything today would it have turned out different? Like would one of my now favourite shows, which by the way has been over for three years but I just finished have ended better? Would the plan that they had for season 4 be different and make me feel more comfortable with the show ending the way it did. I mean if they didn't plan on skipping four years of her life it might have been worth it. Unfortunately life doesn't happen that way, and so it should go with television shows that go from year to year. That maybe if I woke up on a better day that I would have been able to hang out with my best friends at work and not get told off, then come home and find that my vision of one of my favourite fictional characters hasn't been ruined by their season 4 display of action?

Last night, or shall I say this morning, really really early I couldn't fall asleep. So I took two gravols to find out that it didn't help but just made me more tired. So getting up this morning I grab a cup of Joe and head to work. Which by the way, I had today off but picked up a shift for the fact that I need money for work and wanting to hang out with my friends. Just to find out that one of the guys I work with at the retail store forgot to tell me that two cases of water was at the bottom of the cart and I completely did not see it. After all isn't that what packers suppose to do? Its in the job description after all. So when they get to the door and get their receipt checked the people find the water and hence I get a door audit. Do I get in trouble. Yes. Was it my fault? Partially I mean I guess I have to be paying attention as I am serving bitchy people who would rather tell me off than help me out, and then figure out their receipt, be kind and ring everything through.

Then of course only an hour later I am joking around with a co-worker/friend and one of my managers and we are joking about me being a Newfoundlander, and of course a member thought I said something "rude" and complained about us. I mean excuse me? Are you saying I was being rude to myself? Cause after all I was talking about myself in that situation. Was I ignoring you? No I don't think so. I answer all questions, I help everyone pay and smile. Wait! that's it! I didn't give you an ear to ear grin? Wow, I'm sorry next time I will make sure not to smile. I'm sure you will complain about that as well. All in all today was horrible.

Would it have changed if I just stayed in bed? Would I have been better off passing away in the middle of the night happy knowing that I get to work with my best friends the next morning and that my favourite show did not let me down? Or how about tonight, having one of the worst possible days. Does everything turn out crappy because of the day your having? Or would everyone have seen a different last episode if I was in a better mood? I guess all this tells me is don't get obsessed with shows. Don't get too cocky with life.


  1. I've had quite a few of those days myself lately, it does make you wonder if you should have stayed in bed,
    Still it's another day tomorrow, all will be well.

    Take care.

  2. I had my share of assholes yesterday too, and I've had assistants miss stuff. ROYAL pain in the ass!

  3. The crappy part of working retail ...

    As if people complain about a conversation you're having with other co-workers though. Now THAT's stupid.

    I think it's safe to say the majority of people n the world are rude and miserable. I wish they would keep it to themselves.

    Sometimes I can't even say hi to a costumer without them giving me a dirty look. Apparently it's wrong to ask them how they are or something. Sorry for smiling assholes.

    That's okay, when the zombie apocalypse comes they'll be the first to go, mwahaha ...

  4. Man it can be tough working with people sometimes, can't it? I worked in retail many years ago and I would just be in tears some days. But you know what? That terrible day is gone and today is a fresh new one. That's the great part!

    I hope you have a wonderful weekend my young friend!!

  5. I've had days like that. It usually ends up with me rewriting in my head a parallel world where one decision is changed and everything else becomes different in the process. good for creativity, but if you apply it to your own day to day life it can get frustrating.

  6. Looking forward to your Movie Dirty Dozen on Monday!