Monday, June 21, 2010

What is up with Dreams?

Dreams are a succession of images, thoughts, sounds or emotions that pass the mind during sleep. Are these emotions or images running through our head while we are awake but are not aware of it? If not then how are we able to conjure up a dream based upon a person that we haven't thought about for days?

What do our dreams mean? Are they telling us what we really want subconsciously? Or is it just playing mind tricks, giving us a different scenario of life. Such as the dreamer being in a different body but still the same personality and emotions? Having a different life.

The past couple weeks I have been having crazy dreams, from being an FBI agent and being chased by a dinosaur through New York City, everyone from my elementary school being sent back to grade 8 because the government ordered it but all of us already graduated High School last year. To last night having a dream about being a slimmer, gorgeous me, hanging out with friends and dating a guy from work. I mean the dream was fantastic but what does it mean?

Is the first dream telling me that I should go into the FBI? If so then it would make sense, I have never felt like I have truly been cut out for film, its a dream yes, but the chances of getting in? Slim. Is my second dream telling me how much I have changed over the years? From this shy girl whose face always went beet red when talking to now saying whatever I want to say? What about last nights dream? I believe that one is just showing me what I want my life to be like. I have emotional problems, I can't hug people that aren't my parents without feeling weird, or hold hands with anyone. I would love to be like those people but I can't. So whats my dream telling me when I am able to do that?

What are some weird dreams you have had? Did you ever wonder what they mean or just slip by it?


  1. Dreams seem to be the mind's odd way of processing information. And I often dream of someone breaking into my house. Just paranoid I guess!

  2. When I was in high school and college I used to regularly keep a dream journal to remember my dreams and sometimes use them for story ideas. I still do write them down occasionally. I think dreams are saying various things such as interpreting a past day's events, symbolically representing worries or other things on your mind, or expressing desires. I've done a number of posts about dreams.

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  3. Ohmigosh, there are so many dream theories, it'd make your head spin!!! My take is that they are part biology and physiology (the brain's way of saying, "Hey, I'm still working here, even though you're 'resting.'"). We receive so much stimuli during the day that we need the sleep hours to sort it out and process it further. Some dreams are just bizarre, so I wouldn't be too concerned about the exact interpretation of the content, more of the feeling you're left with. Say you had a stressful day and you had a frightening dream. That anxiety you wake up with is likely remnants of that stress. (Mucho simplified explanation, but is basically the nutshell.)

  4. I have wierd morbiid dreams I hope all is going to be ok...


  5. I've always been a fan of dream interpretation, but not in the 'you dreamed of a dog so you will goto France' kind of New-Age stuff. I like to think about my dreams and attempt to interpret what they say about me. Dreams are a mix of what I've done, what I want to do and what I feel, made into an abstract and surreal scenario.

    I've not been able to remember my dreams for quite some time. Try as I might, it feels like I've not dreamed at all. The last dream I remember I was on a cruise ship (my most memorable dreams are often on boats or feature being on the water) and a member of the crew burst into a room and shot me in the abdomen. I limped around for a bit but once I had a bandage on it I walked around for the rest of the dream like it was nothing.

  6. I read online once a theory that dreams combine what's going on in your subconscious mind combined with memories. It's an interesting theory and I generally agree with it.

    I always think about "What could that have meant" when I can remember my dreams. But my dreams are so bizarre that I never really can figure it out. Especially the dreams I had when I was younger.
    I had one dream rather often that scared the wits out of me as a child. It started out with some signs that are lit from inside (like you'd see on the building for a company) in the shape of exclamation points. They were yellow, and they were also bouncing up and down in an endless line inside a volcano. However as I watched, I noticed that one of the exclamation points wasn't lit up. I proceeded to take it out of the lineup and lay it on the ground. I popped open a control panel on the back of it to reveal a car's engine that was sputtering and spewing black smoke. My dad was behind me then, so I told him, "We need to fix this!" Then he went off to find another engine. But before he could return, a slab of metal shaped like a six-pack of abs flew out into mid-air and started to tear in half. This is when I'd wake up.

    What's even stranger than dreams themselves, though, is that lately I've found myself able to lucid dream - to be more conscious while sleeping and to be able to control the dreams. It's interesting and I always take advantage of it (It feels like I'm sleeping, but I realize I'm dreaming and start thinking what I want to happen, and it does. It's like a halfway point between being asleep and awake, because I can actually have conscious thoughts while I do this).