Tuesday, June 22, 2010

The Movie Dirty Dozen

Alright so I am a little behind on this one, but wow yesterday was crazy fun. This brilliant idea for this blog post comes from Alex J. Cavanaugh, the author of the new book CasaStar which sounds fantastic. So here I am blogging about my favourite 12 movies.

1. While You Were Sleeping. OK its a girl movie I agree but its just so funny and adorable. Sandra Bullock's acting is once again priceless with this romantic comedy about finding true love while already in love.

2. Robin Hood Men in Tights. Fantastic parody of Robin Hood Prince of Theives. Cary Elwes plays Robin Hood perfectly with his witty humor and sarcasm. Between Ahchoo, Blinkin, and Maid Marions chasidy belt you can't help but laugh out loud.

3. Made of Honor. For me its not so much Patrick Dempsey but the hope and chemistry that Dempsey and Michelle Monaghan bring to the screen. This romantic comedy is most defiantly meant for girls, but I have known a few guys that enjoyed it as well, and what makes the movie even better you say? Well its the soundtrack, some very Celtic feeling songs that just go so perfectly with the movie, and not to mention 'Love Story' by Sara Bareilles which is both upbeat and great.

4. Count of Monte Cristo. Perfect movie set back in the 1800's about jealousy, back stabbing and revenge. The wit and action brought into this movie makes it one of the best movies you will ever see in quite a while.

5. When in Rome. This outrageously funny and romantic movie which was performed brilliantly by Kristen Bell who yet again still has to let me down, her acting scores again with Josh Duhamel who's puppy dog looks and clumsiness brings brightness to the screen.

6. 30 Days of Night. OK I agree the ending sucked, at least the first time you watch it. But if you think about the ending you actually realize its brilliant. Movies have become predictable with the happy endings. Everyone expected him to live in the end, I mean seriously he only had to wait another hour max before they left. However he's portrayed as a hero, he saves others from dying including his wife who he still loves despite their marital problems. David Slade's directing techniques was also brilliantly done, that guy works miracles with movies and creates the perfect shots.

7. Star Wars. The best sci-fi films made in my opinion. The best were the older films, with Luke Skywalker and Han Solo. The special effects look horrible but the storyline beats the new ones out of the water. Don't get me wrong I love Hayden Christensen, but the second one was just a teenage love story while the last one he whined way too much for my taste. Not to mention the first movie. What was that? It was a glorified kids movie, the only good thing about that movie was martial artist/actor Ray Park.

8. Zombieland. I have no idea what is with our generation at this time but Zombie are the shiz. Between Left 4 Dead, Shawn of the Dead and Zombieland, people are going crazy for brains. This action, comedy is hilarious with Woody Harrelson's crazy techniques and craving for Twinkies, and Columbus's rules for how to kill and avoid zombies - Double Tap. Not only was this film well written with its rules and lack of real names, but it was also well edited with the special effects.

9. The Day After Tomorrow. Its something about the end of the world that catches my attention. You would swear by the amount of times I can watch this movie that I was looking for something I could do to prevent this global warming Apocalypse. However maybe its the fact that I really like cold colours and this movie has a beautiful landscape while its all iced over.

10. The Proposal. Its another chick flick yes, but what can I say I'm a girl and its genetically encoded into us to like movies with Ryan Reynolds shirtless. Sandra Bullock and Ryan Reynolds hit their acting out of the park on this one. This romantic comedy is down right hilarious with Ryan singing 'It Takes Two' by Rob Base and Sandra Bullock dancing and singing to 'Get Low' by Lil Jon.

11. Italian Job. The idea of a robbery not once but twice for the same gold with boats and Mini Coopers and reckless driving sounds amazing. To tell you the truth I was sold on the mini coopers. This well casted movie is funny and brilliantly made.

12. For the final 12 the movie choice is: Ninja Assassin. Kick ass ninjas flipping, running and fighting. Enough said.
If you haven't had the chance to watch any of these movies, I suggest them all.


  1. Count of Monte Cristo is on my list of movies for the last 20 years-- great film. I liked 30 DAYS OF NIGHT, THE DAY AFTER TOMORROW, and THE ITALIAN JOB a lot-- very entertaining. ZOMBIELAND is on my Netflix queue. Some of the others I haven't seen yet or were just okay for me.

    Tossing It Out

  2. Zombieland has that simple funny jokes. You don't have to think to much but its very entertaining all the same.

  3. Zombieland kicked butt! "Double-tap" will never leave my brain.
    You're right about 30 Days of Night - the ending did not live up to the rest of the film, which was excellent up until that point.
    A day late is okay - thanks for participating!

  4. Wow, a good mix there. I still need to see Zombieland, can't believe it's been this long and I haven't watched it. The Day after Tomorrow opened me up to disaster movies, it was a hell of a spectacle. And I totally agree with you about Ray Park in Episode I, he's the only reason why anyone should spend any time with that film. Nice list!

  5. I like the proposal and maid of honor as well.

  6. Fun choices; I liked them all! I agree, Ryan
    Reynolds with no shirt on..yes, I have that gene! ;-D

  7. The Count of Monte Cristo -- LOVE THAT MOVIE! You have quite a diverse mix here. :)