Monday, February 8, 2010

Death, Destructions, Idiocity

They called it the unsinkable ship, yet of the 2,231 passengers aboard, two thirds died a frosty death and sank to the bottom of the Atlantic ocean. From the ships crew to young children who had no say in where they go or how they get there.

On April 14th 1912 at 11:40pm one of the largest more luxurious ocean liners sideswiped a large iceberg. Despite the iceberg warnings, the ships captain Edward J. Smith ordered for the ship to pick up speed, only to cause on of the largest maritime disasters of all time. I mean seriously? Pick up speed? Are you mentally ill? Thats suicidal. Its like saying "oh look there is a brick wall straight a head, lets pick up speed and see how much my car gets crushed in the collision!" Many people didn't believe that the ship was sinking, after all even God couldn't sink such a ship. Now first of all, why would you say that? You just damned the whole ship and everyone on it to death! Way to go rock star thanks for killing thousands of people! However as the reality hit them many people frantically tried to find their way onto one of the lifeboats. Unfortunately for many passengers, there was only 16 lifeboats on board, just enough to take 33% or the Titanics total capacity of people.

The shortage of lifeboats that killed thousands of people was actually more than a ship of that size was required to take. However even with the shortage of lifeboats the crew only loaded on half of what the total capacity could hold. Having only 28 people to as low as 12 people on a boat that can hold as many as 65 people. This part just annoys me, I mean seriously why would you put people on a boat that doesn't have enough lifeboats to save them all? Who was ahead of this decision?! IDIOTS!!!!

Anyways, a short distance away an unknown boat went by, not responding to the morse code call for help nor the morse lamp code they continued to sail by. Also nearby was a ship called the Californian which had stopped for the night. Although earlier on they sent a morse code to the Titanic operators warning them an iceberg ahead, but were shut down from the operators telling them to "Shut Up" for they were working with Cape Race. When the Titanic finally needed help everyone was asleep and no one woke up the captain till morning. I mean do you blame them? The ignorant bastard refused to talk to them to begin with. Let him sink if anything.

Because of the arrogance of the creators and crew of the RMS Titanic, the boat sank to the bottom of the Atlantic ocean at 2:20 AM on April 15th 1912 after being split into two.

Many people are not aware but I am oddly obsessed with the Titanic, not only the romantic movie, but also with the boat. The tragedy and stupidity of the situations drives me mad enough to love it even more.

Hope you enjoyed my random musings.

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