Thursday, January 14, 2010

Extreme Happiness??

Have you ever had one of those days where your lazy the whole time at work, but the moment you punch out you get a boost of energy that electrifies your body? Good cause I haven't.

Just kidding, that is exactly what happened to me today!

Its amazing, one moment you feel like passing out on the till and putting a note on your back "be back in 15 mins" and the next minute your singing songs and dancing out to the parking lot. Just ignore the dirty looks you get, they may not understand at that moment, but sooner or later they will be laughing with you, not at you!

Several people today I actually convinced I had magical powers. I was thinking, really? I am dead! See me here smacking my head against your carts while randomly sticking a separator bar in between groceries? Actually......that's some talent right there! Lets see if you have good intuition!

When your extremely happy everything comes into focus! Its perfect. You can almost see where your future is going. Those puzzle pieces that you are always trying to fit in somewhere that doesn't fit, finally finds its spot in that big ocean!

5 things to do when your happy!

1. Dance. Do the Michaelina's or a newfie jig! Those are always fun!

2. Sing. People most likely don't want to hear you sing, but that makes it more fun! Watching people cover their ears makes you laugh harder!

3. Throw stuff. I love seeing peoples expressions when you throw things, especially at other people! Now I'm not talking about throwing a Cantaloupe at someone.....although that would be fun, but I can't afford a lawsuit.

4. Speeding! Muwhahaha who doesn't love peddle to the metal speeding! YES! But make sure you watch for flashing blue and red lights, I know their pretty but its an expensive pretty.

5. Bring out your lightsaber! Everyone cheers you on as you go for a one on one dual lightsaber war with a stranger. Just make sure you have Darth Maul's saber. Double sided! A BOO YA!


  1. Hmm... I feel like I've heard this somewhere before, oh yeah. That's right.

    Ps. Did I mention how much I love the new blog design, seriously?

  2. ya I thought I mentioned to someone before hand, haha.

    Thanks, I felt the need for a new look, to go along with what I feel is a new change.

  3. Great New Look! And that double-sabre is the SHIT! I damn-near wet my pantsa when I first saw it! And Kudos to DM for still having all his fingers! I tagged you on my Blog! Enjoy!