Friday, December 4, 2009


I like what Edgar Allan Poe has to say when he talks about dreams, 'All that we see or seem is but a dream within a dream.'

Several times I will be at work, hanging out with friends or just sitting at home and I will stop to reflect my life. At those moments my life feels very much like a dream. I am normally a very quiet and shy person, but for some reason I have really opened up at work, from talking to people that I laughed with when I was a seasonal, to actually getting the nerve up to talk to some people at work that seemed nice enough but never had the guts to talk to before. So at times when I have time to stop at work and think about how well things are going for me it all seems so unreal. Apparently I don't think that one person can have a terrific family with three amazing older brothers, regular friends and amazing friends from work all in one lifetime. In moments like these I consider that maybe my life isn't that great, who know what my regular friends and work friends tell people when they just happen to mention this random girl from work. Its very hazy like a dream I don't want to wake up from.

I seriously feel like I live at work, so in my opinion it is a great thing to have friends there. Although it still surprises me that when I go to bed at night I have dreams about work. Its not so much the building though that I dream about, that is normally a haze, if not really there. Most of the time it involves some people from work, mixed in with maybe a regular friend doing an activity such as mini golfing, laser tag or as simple as seeing a movie. The worst part is that the dream was so awesome that when I get up I have this crazy idea to ask people if they want to hang out, but then when I get to work I feel like a little kid again asking the bigger kids to hang out. Really there is not that much of an age difference. These dreams though are bothering me. Is it my subconscious giving me what I want before I knew I wanted it? Or is it telling me to gutsy up and ask people instead of playing this little Mary-go-round? Should I just stick with my dreams and not venture out of my comfort zone? Being shut down isn't really all that fun, and I mean there is only twice I can get shut down from the same person before I start to do a double take.

Many things in life seem like a dream within a dream until one thing turns everything into a real life nightmare never to escape through as easy as waking up.


  1. Venture out of your comfort zone, its worked in your benefit so far :D

  2. I like how Bill Hicks (comedian, deceased) said it: "We are all the imaginations of ourselves." And, of course, we wouldn't be proper geeks if one of us didn't mention The Matrix.
    of course, EVERYTHING is created in the imagination first, then manifest in the tangible world, so which is the "Real" world?
    Try and sleep now!
    I know, I'm a bastard

  3. haha its a good thing that I read this after I slept. Thats also a good quote, I like it. In a way its telling us we are who we want to be. haha of course the matrix has to be mentioned its the natural order of nerdiness. Thats what started me to think of this who thing because sometimes the real world feels like a haze or is dream like and I have to stop and think about it before I continue on.