Tuesday, December 8, 2009

My Music Choice for the Month

So I kind of got this idea from one of my co-workers blog. But I seriously have nothing interesting to talk about. So lets see if this can hold you over. Oh Also I realize most people have a different taste in music and that this most likely isn't yours.

Here is some music that helps me write and relax.

I am excited for Lifehouse new CD Smoke and Mirrors. Yet slightly disappointed that they lied to me about the release date. This song has a great beat to it.

Lifehouse - Halfway Gone

This song is a little older but amazing. I find that it works for whatever mood your in. Plus its got a great message.

Papa Roach - Scars

Gotta love Gavin DeGraw, the piano adds to my apprication.

Gavin DeGraw- Stay

This song is upbeat and it always makes us feel better thinking that 'Everybody loves me.'

One Republic - Everybody Loves Me

Love this song. Happy, nice beat. Everythings great. Its a Good Life

One Republic - Good Life

I know I know, its Nick Lachey. But its kinda got this interesting take on things. I used it for my English ISU last year for Phantom of the Opera. Okay you can laugh

Nick Lachey - All In My Head

Great song about the rain! no its got a great meaning on how no matter what you can't stop whats coming at you, but you can make it better.

Jamer Morrison - Don't Stop the Rain

Hope you at least enjoyed some of my music taste

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