Thursday, December 17, 2009

Random Sortings

So on Monday the countdown started for our trip to Newfoundland. As you all know I am not particularily thrilled about this trip, but what can I say? My parents know full well my point of view of the whole situation but really don't care, so I just keep bringing it up every now and then just to annoy them.

This week my grandmother came up from Newfoundland. She kind of reminds me of an Oompa Loompa, and I know this sounds horrible, but seriously its quite nice for me considering the Oompa Loompa's are the only thing I liked in the classic movie Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. It always seems like I am complaining about my family, and don't get me wrong I love them dearly, but that doesn't necessarily mean I want to see them. However when my grandmother comes up to visit she wakes up at 7:30am and expects everyone else to be up as well. Why? Just so she can tell us what to do! Now she isn't as bad as she use to be but its still annoys the heck out of me. Excuse me? This is my house and your telling me what I should be doing?

To top it all I got into a huge argument with my parents this week. Coming home from work, my mom blows up at me for her days problems. All this made me do, was turn around and head right back to work. "Oh whats this? there is happy co-workers at work, that will actually talk to me without yelling? Great!!" But apparently that wasn't enough. Later that night my parents are heading off to go pick up my grandparents and some how my mother finds another reason to blow up at me, now this time my dad was home. Let me just stop and tell you something about my dad. He is very protective of my mother, so even if he had nothing to do with the fight he is now involved. So here is how this arguement went down. "I don't want you taking my car to Milton" [parents] "Your too involved with your friends!" Whoooooh okay so how did we just jump from how I don't want you taking my car to the fact that I actually like my friends? Okay, sorry is it my fault that you have shitty friends and I have terrfic ones? Oh no I got a text message during dinner! Who cares your not paying attention anyways sitting there watching tv.

All put aside I love my life at this moment in time. My brother just flew in today for the weekend, Christmas is just around the cornor and everything just seems to be coming together all way around. I love my job, have great friends, amazing new friends, my family rocks! and I have finally found an author that catches my attention full on. I mean yeah sure of course there is several things that would make me happier like a porshe 911 or being able to know what my life is going to be like in the future.

The future is a scary thing. Will I have the job I want? Will I find someone I can spend the rest of my life with and will love me for me? Will I still have my friends from work when I finish there? or will it be like highschool? I feel like I am growing apart from several people and I seem to be trying to latch on to others. Seriously what is wrong with me? I have never been strong in my religion but I just seem to be fading away completely. Now its starting to just look like my own personal rules, instead of what I believe. But all this is for another post.

Sorry for the ramblings. Felt like posting on my blog and this is what came out.


  1. You sure said a mouthful there! Firstly, Gene Wilder in the original Choc. Fact. was GREAT!
    Growing up sucks, then it's great, then it sucks again, etc,etc. It does get easier to deal with, though.
    You could do worse with you friends, at least you're not coming home at 1:45 in questionable states of sobriety!

  2. I'd say that being too involved with friends is probably a good thing. I mean. Isn't social contact... good? Will hit it on the head. I can relate to this very much, as you know, but I think everyone could use a Porsche now and then.

  3. haha I never cared for the Chocolate Factory, its just an all around creepy movie.
    Growing up definatly has its ups and down, which is kinda of shown in this blog from my bits of brightness to dark again. But I agree I am proud of the friends I have, however just because they aren't coming home drunk now doesn't mean they won't when they are legal.

  4. I totally agree that Chocolate Factory is scary, I always hid it at the bottom of my VHS stack. Just thinking of oompa loompas *shudder*