Sunday, December 13, 2009

Painful Experiences & Stunts

So I guess it has been long enough since my last post to make a new one. Plus I am in a pretty upbeat, fantastic mood so bring it!

This post as promised will be of the several different types of pain I want to experience while I am still....alive?.....young? Both definatly both.

1. Stabbed. I really want to know what it would feel like to get stabbed. Obviously I don't want to be stabbed near my arteries or anything that helps my body function, but I still want to experience that sensation.

2. Shot. Not only does it make an awsome story, "oh my best friend shot me" but it also would be pretty sweet. Does it leave you in a lot of pain? or is it like a numbing pain? Will I pass out? cause that might be cool.

3. Hit by a car. Now this is very important, I DON'T WANT TO BE RUN OVER! I just want to maybe get hit and then roll a little over the windshield. I don't want to be hit with a car that is going like 50km, just maybe like 20 or 30km, not enough to do real damage but just enough to give me a little bit of experience.

Now these next ones are not really pain that I want to feel but they are some pretty cool things I want to do.

1. Jump through a window. Now I realize that might be in the catagory of being in pain, but I am kind of hoping to be wearing something thick and a helmet when I do that.

2. Bungie Jump. That looks awsome, yes you could break your neck or die, but think of the fun!

3. Sky Diving! Definatly doing that when the ground defrosts, who doesn't love free falling hundreds of feet above the ground!

4. Stunt drive! that would just be awsome! Driving fast, going around sharp cornors at extreme speeds, YES!

5. Get caught on fire. I don't want my flesh to burn, I want one of those outfits that the stunt people use. Now that one is just to say that I was on fire! Cool story and shocks a crowd.

Well thats my many different painful experiences and my stunts that I want to pull off!


  1. You are still a weirdo but STAY AWAY FROM FIRE!!!! I DON'T TRUST YOU WITH FIRE!!! and if it wasn't you wanting to feel pain, I'd suggest you as the driver that hits the people :P (just kidding Mrs.-Stop-Signs-Are-Invisible) :P

  2. haha ur never gonna let that go. I STOPPED! just a little to late, and I still blame u for that btw. haha a weirdo eh? Is it really that weird that I want to experience that?
    Fire is fun!

  3. Yes. Yes, it is weird to wish to be shot/stabbed/caught in a fire. These are the things that go through your head after a third Red Bull, and a sign that it's time to walk-off your shakes! Maybe take a Gravol and sit at the piano for awhile.KIDDING don't mix RB & Gravol, you'll mess yourself up good!

  4. I assume ... you will use Megatron's shotguns she has stashed in her room for said shooting.

    What is wrong with you? lol, slightly terrified ...

  5. haha Will good idea!

    Cait there is several things wrong with me and this just happens to be one of them and no, no megatron shot gun I don't want several bullets just one, lol