Monday, December 28, 2009


Yo Ho from the Atlantic! Where there is little snow and just below zero weather. Tonight is my last night here on the great rock, and it will be nice to be home in three days. Tomorrow night we will be heading off onto the great 'Caribou' that will take us from Port aux Basque, Newfoundland to North Sydney, Nova Scotia. The three day journey should be quite fun with 4 adults plus luggage stuffed into a small 2003 Mazda Protege.

My trip down to Newfoundland for Christmas was a lot better than I expected. Of course it definitely had its ups and downs from my cell phone dying on my third day here, to having to spend several long evenings with my aunt, who by the way scares the crap out of me. Internet is hard to find in the small town that my mother grew up in. To get Internet you have to freezing in my grand parents garage or drive an hour to a friends house....where I am now. This town is the hick of all hick towns. Where you would expect those older women sitting around a table drinking tea, knitting and talking about the towns gossip, "tisk tisk, did you hear about that Quinlan girl....." Of course the small town of Bichy Bay is pretty much Quinlans and Popes.

Here is a list of 5 things to expect in Newfoundland

1. Moose. These little cute furry things are not so cute when they are 10 feet tall and chasing you down the road. Never actually got chased but my friend did, haha quite a story.

2. No Civilization. You will not find anything here unless you are in St. Johns. The cool thing to do here is to play UNO and watch One Tree Hill.

3. Relation. Some way or another everyone down here is related to each other. Just sit down and mention your parents or siblings and some how they will know you and/or are related to you.

4.Unexpected weather. One day it will be sunny weather and a high of 5 degrees and the next day it will be a blizzard and all flights are cancelled.

5. Newfinese. "By's o by's did ya see dat nipper! Next ting ya know I looked aroun and dere 'e was. Gone!

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  1. LOVE your rendition of Newfie-ese! Beautiful pix! And of course it was better than expected -- you expecteded misery, and anything that wasn't absolutely miserable had to be a plus! See ya soon!