Friday, April 2, 2010

Belbin Family

In my family I have three older brothers. The first one being 13 years older than me, the second being 8 years older and the third being 6 years older than me. You must be thinking "Holy Cow! How old are your parents!" Well they are both in their fifties and still very outgoing.

So far from growing up in this family I have found out four things. 1. We have a very quick temper. 2. We are very protective over friends and family, 3. We have a very...unique sense of humor and 4. My siblings and I have a very downward slope of emotions, from very emotional, normal emotion, "ice queen" and no emotion. Now I put ice queen in quotes because I definitely did not tag myself as that. That name is from the courtesy of my brother. Now you may be thinking 'what about you being so high strung?' Well that's not from the Belbin side. That's from my mom, and if you ever get to meet her you will know why.

My brothers are awesome, they have a very good sense of humour and mind. It baffles me sometimes some of the things they come up with. However some of my brothers can be a pain in my rear end. From taunting, teasing to actually being rough when we get into a play fight. However one thing that always confuses me is why I am always wanting to hang out with them. I have come up with one solution. I am a masochist, plain and simple.

My parents are awesome people, and I wouldn't trade them for anything. I always thought I was like my dad, but the other day my dad pointed out that I have some of the same characteristics of my mom and that's why a lot of the time we clash heads. But whenever I think of my parents I think of my 16th birthday and how we flew down to St. Maarten to see my brother Stephen. My parents would do anything for anyone, and I love that about them.

Another thing people should know about us, is that we are very stubborn people. However I don't think that is a quality from my dads side, but it is apart of this immediate Belbin family as we get married and have stubborn, hot tempered, crazy kids of our own. Who knew we were so contagious.

That's my family. Crazy but you gotta love them.


  1. I happen to think that stubbornness is very much a people trait. It's rampant in our family. :)

  2. "Ice Queen," my ass! It just seems that way in a house full of hot heads!

  3. The contest started at stop by and let them know youère in the game!

  4. Sounds like a great family. I'd say you are very fortunate.

  5. You know what's funny? I meant to say "Belbin" instead of "people" in my comment above. I didn't even notice that I didn't until I just came back to see if you responded to my comment.