Thursday, April 8, 2010

G is for Gruesome Stories

My mind as you can probably tell is really random and somewhat off topic a lot. I may seem normal on the outside but when in comes to writing, I like to write the twisted stories that sends chills down peoples spine.

I love writing but for the life of me I can't write anything longer than a short story. After talking to a fellow employee who also writes I realized that there is nothing wrong with a series of short stories. After all isn't that what Edgar Allan Poe did? However considering I actually want to create stories for scripts and make movies off them, I am eventually going to have to learn to pace myself and be slightly more descriptive when it comes to the whole storyline. Drag it out a bit.

Back to the subject of gruesome stories. I enjoy reading them as well as writing them. In my earlier years I realized that I couldn't write....well from a third persons point of view that is. I was going about writing all wrong, so in high school when our English teacher told us to write a story from first persons point of view, I was surprised by how easy it was. Sitting down I started writing and before I knew it I had a full blown short story. Now mind you it was slightly twisted of course, but interesting non the less. In grade 12 I was given the same task, to write a story. So sitting down on my lunch break I began. About how a young religious man finds himself snapping in a big city and accidentally murders a young women. After feeling the surge of energy run through him he ends up continuing his spree with excitement thinking he is doing it in Gods name by ridding the world of evil. He cuts the bodies up and throws them in trash bags and slides them down a gap between a tree and the ground in Central Park, where he is later caught. Now I never got that story back from my teacher, so I don't know what grade I got or what comments were made but it was thrilling to write.

I have used religion as a negative in my short stories, but only showing how a twisted mine could see the good in it. I am a Christian myself. However after writing my first story which I will post again shortly, my two older brothers, who took psych proof read my story and told me that I got it dead on from the mind of the psychopath and proceeded to make funny jokes about me. Any who that's my mind and here's my story re blogged. Keep in mind I did write this 3 years ago.


  1. I really enjoyed what you have written albiet it was three years ago, the fact remains YOU WROTE IT and no-one else.
    Good luck with the challenge,


  2. I once heard that first person is very hard to write. The fact that you feel comfortable in it makes it all the more encouraging that you've found your voice. Keep going.

  3. Personally, I find first person to be easy as well. I've wrote a few short stories and fanfiction in first person, but have never tried an entire manuscript. I feel that when writing that POV, I don't get near the inside thoughts and details that I can get with third person. What is really interesting is 2nd person. That is a BIG challenge.

  4. Hi,
    A very interesting posting! Good for you. I know writing can be difficult, so keep going!
    Best regards to you,

  5. Indeed...good luck with your writing. It was a good story!