Friday, April 23, 2010

T is for Trust

So we are coming close to the end of the A to Z challenge, and to tell u the truth this has been quite difficult for me. I never know really what to write until I sit down and think about it. Part of my problem is most likely that I didn't plan, but here goes. Trust as everyone tells it, is given from the start, but if that trust is lost it takes a lot to have that again. Now I am not sure if it is just me but trust is something I have a hard time with in certain areas. Its put into categories. Such as I have an easy time believing in second chances with people. If they lie to me, or break a promise I might be mad or disappointed for a while but in the end I always believe in them again, time and again.

However if they say something about me, I find it false. It may be true but I don't trust them enough to believe it. Is this not trusting in myself or them? Many scenarios may be named, but I really want to know your opinion of trust.


  1. I posted on trust as well. I think trust is something you have to have/do over and over and over and over again. People might make you feel like you can't trust anymore, but the important thing then is just to continue to trust. :)

  2. I like to be trusting, but at the same time I am wary. Especially if I don't know someone very well I'll be careful with to what extent I trust them and be cautious until I establish some kind of track record. If a person's broken my trust, then I just play it very carefully and if I can try to avoid putting myself in situations with them that require trust. And if a person screws me over and wants to put me in that position again then I just flat out say no and remind them why I have doubts about trusting them and that usually works pretty well.

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  3. To me I was brought up to believe that if you had the trust of your family and friends that is more important than wealth, To have that trust one must keep certain knowledge to one's self if a friend so desires, not to lie to people that's another form of trust. There are different degrees of trust, but if you have the trust of people you have something beyond compare.


  4. Steven Covey ("7 Habits...) likened Trust to a bank account; always be mindful that your "Deposite" out-wiegh your "Withdrawals."

  5. I think trust is something you have to earn. I mean I can openly give, after the relationship, has developed.