Tuesday, April 27, 2010

W is for Would You Rather

OK so a little game my friends and I like to play over text messaging is a game called 'Would You Rather.' Basically the idea of the game is you ask your friend a question to get to know them a little bit better. Your questions could be nice and cuddly such as 'would you rather hug a puppy or hug the person that means the most to you.' However because of who I am, and the friends I hang out with our questions really aren't that nice. They normally go in the context such as 'would you rather have a 1000 crickets in your room or have 1 tarantula in your house that you don't know where it is?' All these questions are normally ones that get the opponent to really think about what they want.

One of my best friends started this game with me a couple months ago, and it is normally just played between us, such as one day we played this game for 6 hours......yeah I know what your thinking, no life right? That would have to be correct. However I have taken the courtesy to extend this great game to a couple of my other friends, and of course because you eventually run out of ideas yourself it sometimes includes the whole family. You start off asking a would you rather, and then once answered by the opponent then it is their turn to ask the question.

Try it out! Here is a few examples:

1. Lose a finger or jump head first into a pool of tobacco spit
2. Take the life of someone unknown by pushing a button or losing the love of your life
3. Get exactly what you wished for in life or be able to have the power to give someone you care about what they have always wanted


  1. Hmmm...those are some hard ones. Glad it's only a game :)

  2. Wow... I would totally take the crickets. I would rather lose a finger. I'm OC that way, lol! (Obsessive compulsive) umm... lose the love of my life. And give someone I care about what have always wanted.
    Now that was a good post!
    Would you rather live forever (sort of like a vampire without the drinking of blood) or live for 6 months and get to do whatever you want?
    Would you rather pluck your eyebrows or paint your nails?
    Would you rather slide down a steep mountain on a trash can lid or use rollerblades on a train track?

  3. Gosh, me and my friends used to play that game 40 years ago. And I didn't really do it that much, but my friends would get pretty disgusting and gross. It might be a good exercise for writing fiction now that I think about it.

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  4. I think I wold rather help somone less fortunate than myself.
    and things along those lines.
    I did enjoy reading your post as I do every day.
    Hope you have a good day.

  5. Wow, now I remember why I don't play games that have to do with choosing...lol...I can never decide! Ha :) Great post!

  6. Hmmm. Don't think I would care to play that game. It sounds rather like truth or dare. Of the three choice questions you gave, only one appeals to me, that one of doing something for someone else. Good posts, though. :)

  7. Okay, I'm in on it.
    1. Jump into the pool of tobacco spit
    2. Lose the love of my life
    3. Give someone I care about what they've always wanted.

    Now what would you rather do:

    1. Eat a bucket of worms or swallow a live rat
    2. Walk over hot coals or jump off a cliff into a lake of snot
    3. Win a million dollars or live on a paradise island

    Great post! :O)

  8. lol those are good! Ok:

    1. Eat a bucket of worms, apparently they are healthy.
    2. Walk over hot coals.
    3. Win a million dollars, it would really help my family at the moment.

  9. A fun game and a great post...I'm glad it's just a game though because those would be some tough decisions!

    I would say:
    1. Jump in to a pool of tobacco spit
    2. Lose the love of my life.
    3. Give someond I care about something they've always wanted.

    Great post!

  10. Eeeewww Lisa! Lol... Okay eat a bucket of worms. Walk over hot coals and live on a Paradise Island. :D