Sunday, April 25, 2010

U is for Unique

So my post is extremely late, considering it is Sunday night and this was suppose to be written yesterday. However being extremely busy this weekend I hope you guys will forgive my glitch.

So I have been told many times that I am unique. Now a lot of the time it is said in a way that would question if its an insult or just a statement. In the end I always assume its a statement. I have a very unique understanding of life, and whats planned for everyone while were here. Back a couple years ago, I knew friends were important, but I just figured that eventually I would lose all my current friends, so what was the point of prolonging the inevitable? The way I looked at it, was that in each faze of your life you would have a different set of friends that appeal to what your doing. Also that life should not be taken for granted. We are all going to die, one way or the other. However we do have a choice of which way we are going to go out. In my opinion why not take risks in life? Your going to die anyways you mind as well go out with a bang doing something you love.

Such as, in life I want to experience different types of pain: shot, stabbed, hit by a car, breaking a bone, falling through glass. I always think that there is terrible things in this world. If you experience them all then there will be no surprises.

Now when in comes down to friends I was seriously mistaken. I have terrific friends now, from both work, and old friends from when I was in school. I don't normally freak out, but the idea of meeting new people scares me. What if I meet new people and end up losing the friends I have now? Could be possible. I don't know my limit, and I am sure I have one, after all I am not really that great with groups. Yesterday I was so busy cause I was preparing for one large hangout. This past week was my birthday and the way I thought I would celebrate it was to hang out with everyone that I enjoy. It was fun, I enjoyed hanging out with them. However I found that in groups I am really quiet. Why? Well I don't really know, maybe its because there are funnier people there, that would just make me look like an idiot. Or maybe its the fact that when I am with different people I am slightly different, to accommodate to them. So when everyone joins together I don't know how I am suppose to act. Anyways I had a good time, and as much as I didn't get to do all the things I was hoping to, I did get some great photos.

There is always something unique


  1. Everyone of us is unique, we all like different things and all have different opinions which make us unique,

    Loved your post.

    Take care.

  2. What an interesting outlook, especially about pain and friendship.

  3. Nothing says you have to be the life of the party, even when it's your own. Human relations is a learned skill, and the more you practice, the easier it is to deal with people.

    I've learned that people will always come and go in your life, because we all grow at different rates. Treasure the friend you have now and get excited about the new ones you'll make during the journey.

    And belated happy birthday!