Wednesday, April 14, 2010

L is for Luck or Lack There Of

The way my morning went I had this topic by 10Am.

I have got to be one of the most unlikely people there is alive! If you have ever seen the movie 'Just My Luck' with Lindsay Lohan you would understand my situation. It was that bad! Wait..... it was worse! I couldn't pass it on to someone with a kiss. Just my luck exactly.......

So to begin off my morning I had to get up early, which anyone who knows me knows that me getting up early is not a pretty thing, but I got up early in a worse way than usual. I was nervous. Extremely nervous. For one reason, a test. Not a test of faith, although I guess it could be looked at as that, but a drivers test. Here in Ontario we have the beginners (G1) then after we get some driving experience we have to go for our G2 in order to be able to drive by ourselves. However after a certain limit of time you have to finally go for your final evaluation. THE G!!!! It sounds all magical I know! Who can resist the big 'G.' Trust me you must resist. ITS PURE EVIL! Just like whats under the island on LOST, Dooms Day, or the RING. Anyways enough of my nerd references.

So my test is about 40Min's away from where I live, so hopping in my car I take off. Once I get to Orillia and enter into the office to sign in, I realize that I need to get my car information. Heading back out I find out that I locked my keys in my car! Yeah I know, bad luck right! Don't get me started. So after freaking out to my parents while they are at work, I call a tow truck. A half an hour later they show up laughing at the irony of the situation and unlock my car. With a quick "Highlight of my day" comment and a little chuckle from the tow truck driver I happily sign in.

After waiting 40 Min's in the office to get a driving instructor, I learn that my driving instructor has a student. Or trainee is probably more correct. So starting off stressed out, she list off the rules and we go on our way. I nail parallel parking, 3 Point turns and even driving on the highway. I was flying high! Why was I so nervous to begin with? However when we pull into the parking lot she tells me I failed. Why? Because something my drivers ed teacher forgot to tell me was that apparently before you make a left or right hand turn (NOT A LANE CHANGE) a turn, you have to check your blind spot as well as your mirrors. I got the mirrors part but the blind spot? Seriously? She told me that I did really well with the blind spot when changing lanes but with the accumulation of the other turns that I fail. Also the fact that when she got me to do an emergency stop to make sure I can preform it if needed, I didn't know where to find the four way flashers on my new car. Not that she gave me enough time to put them on before she made me pull out.

So feeling very upset, not emotion, but ANGRY. I waited for these two moronic women to get out of my car and speed away. Irony? Yes. But hey what would you do if you just found out you failed after paying $75 for the test and an extra $40 for the tow truck to unlock your car?

With the accumulation of everything that happened in the morning, I gained an unpleasant stomach and a nasty migraine. Which left me calling into work sick, losing out on approx $50! Awesome! So know there is a little taste of my luck.....or lack there of.

You would be surprised how often these days occur.


  1. Oh sorry to hear of your string of luck today. Tomorrow is brand new day full of possibilities.

  2. Bless your heart. I hope tomorrow shines bright and beautiful for you!

  3. Orillia! I love Orillia. That's where Gordon Lightfoot is from. I used to stay there sometimes at the Highwayman Inn. It was usually when it was cold and snowy and inside the Highwayman they had an indoor swimming pool that was always all steamy when it was cold outside.

    I used to lock my keys inside my car a lot so I started carrying an extra key in my wallet. Never locked my key inside again after I started doing that.

    You're entitled to a few screwups now and then. Just so you learn something from them. It sucks when you have to pay for them but like they say nothing's free. And it's probably cheaper than paying for college.


  4. I know the feeling, once one thing goes wrong others follow in hot pursuit.
    Hope today ismuch better for you.

    Take care.

  5. Sorry to hear you didn't pass, I hope the next one goes better for you. I'm sure you will do well.

    I will say a prayer for you...because I don't believe in luck!


  6. Thanks everyone. Yeah I hope today is much better. It has already started off that way, with a day off, and one of my awesome best friends got me the best helper for emotional problems. Ice Cream.

  7. Wow, so sorry about your lack of luck, I hope that next time you get a good instructor and they pass you because you should have passed...blessings to you and thanks for sharing!