Wednesday, April 7, 2010

F is for Future

As a little kid you go through many hopes and dreams of what you want your life to be like at the end. However as you grow your aspirations change with you as you dip into different experiences. I was no exception, I wanted to be a director, an artist, a movie producer, a doctor, a nurse, etc.

As you enter into your final senior years of high school you really have to consider you options, look at what you want to do with your life, and for me that was a huge decision that I wasn't quite comfortable with making as I was exiting. So I took a year off, and its been great, working at a retail store with a lot of friends. Hearing them talk about reaching for their goals in life and getting a variety of mentoring they have all helped me come to a conclusion about my life.

The future can scare everyone from all ages, after all it is the mystery unknown to the world. How will you live your life? Will you be happy with your decision?

Part of me has always known ever since I saw my first non animated film "The Titanic" that film is a career I feel passionately enough about to fully succeed. I created my portfolios and applied to three different film schools this year. New York, Toronto and Vancouver. I was only hoping to get accepted to one so that my mind would be made up, but unfortunately I got accepted to all three prestigious film schools. Freaking out with excitement at first and then fear I had to talk to everyone that has really influenced me in my life, their opinions. After long discussions and many tears I finally decided to go to Toronto Film School. Lets just say my parents are thrilled that I am only going to be an hours drive away.

Although I haven't started school yet for the past three years I have been working with editing programs, trying to get the feel for them and improve my possibilities. At this point in my life I realize that editing makes me happy. Adding music to video clips, changing the mood of the video by the choice of music or even the effects used in the video. Now my videos are very juvenile, and I hope to film something of my own in order to have my videos grow with me. However these will do until I can think of something entertaining enough.


  1. Congrats on your acceptance. I have never thought about a film school. I hope you do well. Good post, thanks!

  2. Wow, all 3, be proud, Congrats! Sound really
    exciting! You can do it...

  3. These are really good! I hope you pursue this passion and we see lots more from you!