Monday, April 12, 2010

J is for Journey

A great way to look at life is as a journey. Gods way of showing you what life is all about. Our journey could take us in different directions depending on our choices. Sometimes its great, but at times challenges sneak up to scare us. Jealously can creep in and mess things up, Joy can show meaning to the meaningless. Its part of human nature for us to go through different scenarios to get to the person we are or are going to be.

Jealously. That's an ugly thing, but believe it or not we all have a jealous bone, and its not just in romantic relationships, it can be in all forms of relationships. From work and family to friends. Depending on how you handle the situation thrown at you is how your tough journey will end. Since I have never really been in a romantic situation I really wouldn't know all the jealously type rage some go through. However I have felt jealous over guys I don't have dibs on, or jealous that some of my closest friends may like someone more that me. Its foolish but its true. You always want to be the person that makes someone laugh till they cry, if that person is not you it can royally suck.

Joy. Many times in life you will feel the odd sensation of 'flying high.' Don't be alarmed I know this is a weird and strangely not a common feeling, but its good. Life throws in a freebie every now an then, which is a nice surprise! Its in those moments that life makes sense! You don't feel like getting hit by a mack truck or dream of getting shot just to have an excuse to like being alive.

All life journeys are crazy and sometimes you may feel like just laying on the road and saying I give up trying! Which in many ways is how I felt the past few weeks, and to tell you the truth I have no idea why, but we all have a strange quirks. For example I get my energy from my friends, if they are not there, my journey drags to a dead end.

Hmm, now for the task of coming up for tomorrows topic.


  1. Life has many journeys, one travels through childhood, teenage years, marriage and children then retirement, all equally important and mysterious.
    Loved your post.

  2. Wow, no Jess in J, I'm hurt.
    lol kidding! I really liked this blog, the jealously thing was right on the spot for me.

    ohh, Ironic: So Jealous - Tegan and Sara, just came on hah!
    PS:Just ordered Fables #9, #11, #12, and #13, totally up to date until June! (June 13th new edition) Jealous?! :P

  3. lol, oh stink! I forgot. haha I guess your just going to have to wait till T. Soooooo jealous! Do you have them now?