Thursday, April 29, 2010


Yes, my title doesn't make sense, but that's because I don't have a word to emphasis my frustrations. Also these symbols often represent cursing. Of course I don't do that so this is an alternative.

Today at work was horrible. For one main reason. TRANSFER BUGGIES #%$!@ OK so that technically isn't a curse word in many of your eyes but it was just added to my inventory of words today. So the main concept of this idea is we have to transfer all items from the cart into another cart in order to make sure there is nothing hidden underneath. You must be thinking, 'well whats the problem? That's a good concept.' Wrong, I work at a bulk store, where everything you buy is LARGE! OK so for example, Fertilizer, Water, Pop, Flour is now double in size. Its crazy and we have to lift it! Normally here is where I would start doing 10 survival reasons but unfortunately I don't have any. So here is my 10 complaints.

1. 'Oh you don't want your large bags of fertilizer to far up the buggy? Hmm let me think about that. TOO BAD! I just lifted 4 bags of it into a different cart as part of my job, you have a problem with it you come move it yourself big strong man!'

2. Oh OK I see, you went shopping and while passing you picked up a nice hot chicken, thinking well I can eat this for dinner. But when you come up front, noooooo you can't by a $6 chicken so you make me go all the way back through the warehouse to drop it off and then complain that I didn't pack your cart.

3. OK so let me get this right, you want me to pack your cart but only in the way you want it done? Would it not be easier to do it yourself?

4. My Job. Is to PACK. Your Groceries. I am good at it. I will not put your eggs or bread at the bottom and then stack a box of peanut butter on top. So go back around to the other side of the till, and let me do. MY JOB!!!

OK so this is going to be a little bit of how to fix your day.

5. As your walking just accidentally pick up a glass container, look around and smash it on the floor. OK I never did that, but I was eyeing one today.

6. Ask your supervisor if they have a gun, a real one. If not then an arrow will do. This is the time for them to put you in the hospital. QUICK. NOW. DO IT!!!!!

7. Push carts. Now a lot of times this will just make you more upset, especially with how many idiots there are in the world. However the idea of pushing carts into each other forcefully is so peaceful and exciting its terrific!!!

8. SCREAM. Of course in your head. Otherwise everyone kind of looks at you funny. A way of hiding it is whistling!

9. Run. So we technically are not allowed to run in the warehouse for safety reasons but when a member wants a new cheese its kind of an excuse.

10. Finally for number ten, be like cyclops and just burn everything with your eyes. Take off those fancy sunglasses and GO!!!

So I apologize for my complaints or anything that may offend you. It was not intentional. Work has just been driving me crazy lately. I think its time for a change.


  1. This should be more of a monday blues post, not a thank goodness its Friday post.

    So sorry you have to do all of that.

  2. In spite of how terrible your day was, and I'm sorry it was bad, this was really well written and I enjoyed reading it. :)

  3. #2! I love number 2 hahaha
    Also, You have to show me how you do #8, that will be priceless