Wednesday, April 21, 2010

R is for Restricted

Every time in life we come across restrictions. Either through age, health or sometimes culture. Sometimes in life we let these restrictions take away our hopes and dreams. DON'T. If you want something don't let these restrictions stop you.

Such as in 50 First Dates. Did Henry Roth give up on his true love Lucy? No he fought for her everyday knowing that the next day she would not remember him.

Right now a lot of the restrictions I am facing is from school, work and even driving. What are these restrictions? Well for school a lot of it is me. I am restricting myself from giving it a try, telling myself I am going to fail before I even get there. Which defiantly is not helping my nerves. It is actually making me consider taking another year off. Which is when work comes into play. If I take another year off then I am going to feel stagnant. Not moving, just going to the same job everyday. One which I only planned to keep for 2 month and has already lasted for a year. Work restricts me from going out and living my life. I feel bad about taking time off to go and enjoy the little things such as sky diving, or doing tourist things in my own province with friends over the summer. As for driving. Well many of you know that I failed my first attempt at my G test, and as humiliating as that was I am pretty calm now and ready to give it another shot. However from getting shot down the first time I feel restricted to go for it again.

So this is what I say. Take that jump and release your parachute if your in my shoes. Just forget your fears. If you go on through life afraid of everything where would you go?

So there is my ramble of an R letter. Thanks for reading.


  1. Like I tell my son - don't work your life away. You have all the time in the world once you get out of school. Enjoy your youth and live it to the fullest.

    Fingers crossed for you to pass your driving test. You will do it this time! :)

  2. Good advice, an excellent blog. a lesson to us all.

    Take care.