Monday, April 5, 2010

D is for De Maintenance

OK so I cheated a little with the bit of french. But hey its hard to come up with a topic for D, especially when you have work on the brain.

So about 2 weeks ago one of my managers came up to me. Now 1. I get extremely nervous around people with power, any power. Especially the power to fire. So she asks me "Hey Bethany, would you like to work a maintenance shift on Easter Monday?" Well of course because she is my manager, and I didn't really know what the maintenance shift required I said "Sure." BAAAADDDD Idea, I soon found out that the maintenance shift included sweeping, emptying garbage's, and cleaning the bathrooms.

So for the past week I have been dreading my "Cinderella" shift and I wasn't disappointed. It was slower at the retail store I work at then I would have thought, after all it was still a holiday, but at the end of the night you smell like crap. 1. I was sweating all day. Now I know that's disturbing, but hey these people seriously never heard of air conditioning. 2. You are taking out the garbage all day, filled with half full Tim Horton's coffee cups and food. I mean seriously! Some people are really wasteful. You just spent $2 on that coffee which you probably buy 5 times a day and here you are throwing out half the drink?! Crazy!

However at the end of my shift, since I was using two carts at the end to help me with garbage I misplaced the maintenance crew's keys. With a little heart attack going on in my chest I frantically looked around, dreading telling my manager that I lost the only pair of keys. Hey it was her fault for giving a mind wanderer like myself the job in the first place. Luckily however just before I go to give my soul away I find them 5 Min's before my shift is done. Can you say "Close one."

But now as tired and trashy as I smell, I am grateful to be home and 8 hours added to my check.


  1. "Cinderella Shift..." Priceless! I guess we Canucks get te cheat a little with the French, eh? Merci for the remind-e-vous? Damn, I wish I remembered french!

  2. lol I use to be pretty good at french. I mean I still remember bits and peices but not nearly enough to keep a conversation

  3. YAY for those extra 8 hours! That made all the stink and trash okay, right? :)

    Great to "meet" you from the challenge. I'm a new follower.


  4. Haha the stink and trash were definatly worth the pay of 8 hours. Nice to meet you Lisa, thanks for following.

  5. did get a lucky break. Enjoy your post.