Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Q is for Quentin Tarantino

I was really stumped on this post. So basically I am just going to talk about the famous writer/Director Quentin Tarantino. Now if you have ever seen any of the Kill Bill movies or Inglorious Bastards you will understand what I mean when I say this guy is crazy! Now don't get me wrong he is brilliant, and his stuff is actually quite good. Not my favourite but quite good. Everything he writes or directs is completely impossible. For example the blood shooting out of peoples chopped off limbs like a fire hydrant during Kill Bill.

Some of his writing is a little weird in its self. I was not a huge fan of Inglorious Bastards. It in my opinion was more stupid than funny. I can see what a lot of guys would like it, with how the format was layed out. However for myself it just didn't cut it.

The only question I have left is, is Quentin Tarantino psychologically stable?


  1. I think all smart and creative people are a little unstable.
    And as a guy, I thought Inglorious Basterds was awesome.

  2. I've heard that Q Tarantino is seriously mentally ill. I've seen bits and pieces of Kill Bill and don't really care for those types of movies. Great Q post though my friend! :)

  3. When I first saw Pulp Fiction in the theatre I did not like it -- it just didn't make that much sense to me. Then I read some things about it and watched it again. I've now seen it several times and it's one of my favorite movies. Haven't seen Basterds yet, but it's in my Neflix queue.
    He does look a little psycho though doesn't he?
    He has a crazy brain to come up with the stuff he comes up with. Thank goodness he's only making movies.

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