Saturday, April 3, 2010


Chuck is one of my favourite shows on televisions, its nerdy, and hilarious with an additional hint of James Bond action and some side romance. This season of Chuck is darker than all the rest. This time there is death and destruction leaving a path for viewers to follow, but for some reason the show still seems to be having rating problems, and the cause is that there is so many shows at 8pm on Monday nights. Last year Chuck had the same problem, but fans around the world joined together to save the show; from letters to NBC with a box of 'nerds' to all joining together to buy a Sub from Subway at a certain date.

This year all they are asking for fans to do is get people as addicted to this fantastic show as I am. I have started my part, with around 20 people already addicted to Chuck just from my lending of seasons. Now with this alphabetical blog assignment, I come to my readers telling them to give the show a chance.

It reaches to many different types of people from the nerdy yet adorable Chuck, to the tough and trigger ready John Casey. Here is a look into the Chuck humour:

If your interested in the show, check it out. Here listed is every episode aired on TV from season 1-Season 3. Give it a shot!


  1. haha good work Beth, doing your job! You really should be put on the payroll soon :D promo lady at work! :D


  2. lol gotta keep my favourite show up and running. If it dies because I don't lend it then I will die :(. Nah it started out as just trying to get people to like the same shows as me, and now here I am. They SHOULD pay me, with money or Zach would be good

  3. You are in the Challenge and listed officially on the blog roll now. You should start getting some comments soon. Try to visit some of the other sites and leave your comments for them so they now you are here.
    Glad you could jump in with us. Now have fun!

  4. I've never watched Chuck but your commitment to the Chuck cause is quite charming. Discovered your blog on at Arlee's place. Good job on the challenge and keep up the good work!

  5. Very nicely done! I don't watch the show but that is just me! Following you now! Keep up the good work!